The 7th Top 100 Security Enterprises of China. & China Public Security New Infrastructure Innovative Brand & The Most Influential Security Brands Innovative Top 10.
Brand Advantage
Patent Advantage
Product Advantage
Technical Advantage

•  Agree with YLI's corporate development philosophy

•  Have a certain funding base and be able to start market operations

•  Marketing and after-sales service team with more than 5 people

•  Have mature channels and industry operation experience

•  Have good social relations and background to ensure the smooth operation of the market

Agency fee
No agency fee, no operating guidance fee, no inventory request, based on your order (except the first order).
Regional protection
After our agent partner get the approval, the company will obtain the follow-up business of our regional agency right, and protect the market and price of the area in charge.
Goods’ replacement policy
In order to reduce the risk of agents, the company implements the system of goods’ replacement within a time and amount limit.
Product training
Provide professional knowledge, technical and marketing training for agents, etc
Product information
Provide agent price list, product publicity materials, latest product consultation, etc
Publicity materials
Provide agent price list, product publicity materials, latest product consultation, etc
Marketing promotion
The company provides a full range of advertising and network publicity, assist the region to hold relevant exhibition activities, and give relevant exhibition promotion support
Assistance and support
According to the market progress, the company appoints personnel to help expand the market
Service support
Provide a full range of technical support and after-sales service without charge
Task rewards
Annual YLI brand order quantity accumulated to reach the corresponding sales, the company will give a rebate reward.